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Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce and Legal Separation Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Robert A. Goodman, we understand the financial and emotional cost of going through a divorce. Divorce can be very expensive for both parties. After analyzing the details of your case, we will review the cost/benefits of your various courses of action, and help you decide which course to take.

We also understand the significant emotional impact a divorce can have on both parents and children. We will suggest resources which can help you and your children recover and move forward.

Our attorneys work to resolve divorces in a reasonable, cost-effective, and efficient manner. Our divorce and Family Law practice includes assisting clients with the following:

Our dedicated and responsive attorneys believe that a cost-effective and dignified divorce is possible.

While we seek to resolve divorces amicably through negotiation and collaboration, we understand that some cases are difficult to resolve without litigation. If it becomes necessary to prepare a case for trial, we do so efficiently and thoroughly.

In any divorce, children can be severely affected. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the best interests of the children in resolving disputes. Our interest is in providing every family with uniquely tailored legal solutions.

A divorce can seriously affect your ability to work or manage day-to-day life. The emotional effects can be exhausting. If you are having a difficult time with your divorce we can refer you to specialized therapists and other specialists so that you and your children can work on recovery and moving forward.

Contact The Law Offices of Robert A. Goodman for an initial consultation or case evaluation. We are happy to assist you.

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OUR philosophy

Committed to providing the highest quality Family Law legal services in the Bay Area.

  • Our experience and expertise in Family Law can help you best to achieve your goals
  • We provide zealous advocacy
  • We are committed to resolving your case in the most cost-effective manner possible
  • We are easily accessible to all our clients
  • We serve our clients compassionately