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Mediation & Collaborative Law

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law Attorneys

Through Mediation and Collaborative Law, you may be able to avoid many of the emotional stresses and costs associated with divorce or other Family Law issues. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Goodman, our divorce, mediation and collaborative law attorneys are experienced in assisting clients through divorce proceedings while preventing the financial losses and emotional stresses associated with litigation.

Our attorneys are experienced in pursuing mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative law procedures that save clients money on attorneys and court fees, and can save every family the time and stress of going to court.

Our divorce, mediation and collaborative attorneys can assist you with any of the following:

We are interested in finding solutions for families and preserving the best interests of the children at every juncture. We will help you through every transition, and help you look towards the future.

"Mediation" is a process whereby the parties sit down with an experienced Family Law mediator in an attempt to resolve some or all of the outstanding issues in a case. Mediation works best if both parties have similar goals and share a strong desire to resolve the issues amicably. Robert A. Goodman, Principal of the firm, is a very experienced Family Law Mediator, who has been successful in helping many couples resolve their issues through mediation.

"Collaborative Law" is a specific kind of alternative to litigation. In collaborative law, both attorneys agree not to take the case to court. In the event that parties cannot resolve the dispute, they must seek new legal representation. This is to encourage attorneys and parties to resolve their disputes out of court. A collaborative law situation may be a useful and effective solution for your family if you are seeking to amicably resolve your case, find workable solutions for your family, and prevent excessive costs and stresses associated with litigation.

At our law firm, we are committed to helping families resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. We understand that litigation may be necessary in some cases, but we do everything possible to keep our clients out of court. Our attorneys believe in a team effort and respond to the unique needs of every family and situation. We believe that this approach helps is to find the best solutions tailored to suit the needs of most every client and family.

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