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Palimony and Marvin Actions

Palimony and Marvin Action Attorneys

California "palimony" laws protect parties who have made oral agreements that create mutual and financial dependency in a relationship.

The term "palimony" comes from the term "alimony." Alimony is an older term for what is now called "spousal support." Spousal support affords a former spouse the right to collect support after the termination of a marriage. "Palimony" is a non-legal term which refers to the ability of a person to collect support from a former partner, even though there was no marriage or marriage contract. In California, a "non-marital partner" cannot collect "spousal support" based on partner status alone, but may be able to collect support from his or her former partner for other reasons. Under these same circumstances, a non-marital partner may also be eligible to receive a share of property earned during the term of the relationship (real property, pensions, etc.) Such cases are known as "Marvin Actions" because of the precedent-setting case of Marvin vs Marvin.

The main reason a non-marital partner can collect support and/or property at the end of the relationship is if there was an oral or written agreement, entered into by both partners during the relationship, to that effect. Even if there was no oral or written agreement, there are circumstances under which non-marital partners can be eligible to receive support and/or property. If you have questions or believe you may be eligible for non-marital support or property, contact the Law Offices of Robert A. Goodman.

If there has been an oral agreement between the parties that one person would manage the household and the other would financially support the household, there can be a claim made by the non-financially-contributing partner for support from the financially-contributing partner.

Ways to demonstrate an oral agreement or other arrangement creating "financial reliance" include shared accounts, or shared property rights. We can assist you in demonstration of reliance and an agreement to show that you have a right to support.

Our attorneys can assist you in asserting a support and/or property claim against a former non-marital partner. Similarly, we can defend you if a former non-marital partner asserts a claim against you. Contact our "palimony" lawyers for more information. We can assist you with any of the following:

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